5 Best IIT Colleges for Computer science Engineering

5 Best IIT Colleges for Computer science Engineering

There are a total of 23 Indian Institute of Technology but all these IITs didn’t provide the same level of education in the particular stream so here we bring the Top 5 best IIT colleges for computer science engineering. If you want to do CSE in the best IIT college here is the list of top IITs which are given below.

Best IIT Colleges for computer science engineering

Nowadays many students are opting for computer science engineering to pursue their Bachelor of Engineering degree, as we know Indian institutes are known for their quality education all over the world so here is the list of the Top 5 best IIT colleges for computer science streams.

5 Best IIT Colleges for Computer science Engineering
IIT colleges for computer engineering

1. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

IIT Bombay is considered the best institute for computer science engineering and IIT Bombay is the first institute who has started using Minsk 2nd generation computer in 1967.

In November 2006 IIT Bombay form a Computer science engineering department, that offers B.E/B. tech, M.E/M.tech, and PhD programs in computer science engineering if we talk about the number of seats in all the courses then they provide a total of 87 seats in the CSE department.

The recent successful activity of IIT Bombay is Blockchain research and they are participating in MEGA-ACE (Multidisciplinary educational global alliance for Algorand center of Excellence), for that researchers got the fund for a 3-year project to work in applications of blockchain.

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2. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

IIT Kanpur is claimed that they are one of the first institutes in India to start computer science engineering which starts in August 1963 and they installed IBM systems which are the nation’s first computer classrooms.

If we talk about intake of IIT-K then they provide a total of 95 seats in the CSE department 30 seats for the B.tech program, 50 students for M.tech, and 15 students for the Dual-degree program. In the dual degree program, students are offered B.tech and M.tech after 5 years and they also register 15 students for PhD program.

In recent activity, Professor Suit Ganguly has been selected for the excellence in teaching award of the year 2022 which is a huge achievement in the teaching industry.

3. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

IIT Delhi concentrates on student development and they encourage students to do novel projects, In CSE department also follows the same thing that’s why IIT Delhi is the most famous institute in evolving technology.

Prof Balakrishnan was selected for his contribution to system-level design, embedded systems, and assistive technologies so the price he receive an award in ACM’s 2022 in San Fransisco.

Indian institute of technology Delhi takes a total of 63 students in the CSE department, They provide PhD program, M.S program, M.tech program, dual degree program, and B.tech Program.

4. IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur formed the Computer science engineering in 1980 and they have one of the huge intake capacities in all the programs, in 1982 first undergraduate batch rolled out and in 1986 first PhD was awarded.

They intake 300 students in undergraduate programs, 60 students in postgraduates, and 60 candidates for research students MS and PhD.

They are researching different projects which are given below

  • Algorithm and Theory
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine learning
  • Cryptography and security
  • Data and Web Mining
  • VLSI and Embedded system

5. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

IIT-M launched the CSE department in 1973 only in M.tech and Ph.D. programs after that in 1983 they also come with undergraduate programs, there is a total of 50 students are admitted to the CSE department every year.

As per the official website of IIT-M, the CSE department has a vibrant student body numbering about 700, and 60% of postgraduates are mostly supported by scholarships and department also offers several attractive industry sponsor fellowships.


IIT Bombay is one of the oldest Indian Institute of technology out there and they provide excellent quality of education, particularly in computer science engineering.

If you are willing to do CS in your bachelor’s degree then all these IITs are best for you, as we know Hyderabad is one the biggest IT hubs in India so IIT Hyderabad is also a good option after these colleges.


Best IIT College for CSE?

For Computer science engineering IIT Bombay is the best college in India.

Is IIT Madras good for CS?

IIT Madras comes under the top 5 IITs for Computer science.

Best IIT for research in Computer science?

IIT Delhi is the most famous college for research and development.

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